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Passes can be used on any type of Prague public transportation for the duration of the period for which the pass is valid. Short-term (tourist) passes are sold at ticket offices located at some metro stations and at tourist information centers.

Long-term passes are sold at ticket offices at some metro stations.

Tierney had been talking about the problem and potential solutions with Ottawa-Vanier MP Mauril Bélanger, who died this summer, but said he’ll bring the issue to candidates of all parties vying to replace Belanger.

There are 52 Parent & Child parking bays at Canary Wharf.

These are located as follows: 20 in Cabot Square Car Park, 26 in Canada Square Car Park and 6 in Jubilee Place Car Park.

There are 42 Accessible parking bays for Blue Badge Holders at Canary Wharf.

Two Leigh Crescent residents, retired nurses Diane Day and Danielle Sullivan, became so frustrated by the parking problem that they’ve even chalked rings around offending vehicles, getting sometimes surly responses from motorists for their trouble.

Expanding snowbanks have only made the problem worse and Leigh is already about metre narrower than surrounding streets.

The agencies didn’t add enough parking when the new headquarters was built on Ogilvie Road in 2012-13, Beacon Hill-Cyrville Coun.

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