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Studdard would end up winning the second season, and the Alabama native born in Germany subsequently released the album “Soulful”.Studdard would end up winning a Grammy Award for his debut album, and he has released several studio albums since then, including “The Return” and “Unconditional Love”.Speaking with Ellen De Generes about the dissolution of his first marriage and his burgeoning relationship with Trisha, Garth has said: "You keep hacking [at marriage], you work and you work and then comes that time where you're looking at the rest of your life going, how do you want to live it?[Trisha] is somebody who I always enjoyed being around, and we had a lot more in common than I ever dreamed we did and we started seeing each other after the divorce, after we came off tour."The couple got engaged in 2005 at star Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, a country music venue in Bakersfield, California.When “American Idol” debuted in 2002, countless Americans were lining up for their auditions in hopes of becoming the next big singing superstar.In the second season of the reality competition show, there were two favorites to win the competition.Yet despite her double dose of fame (and high-profile marriage to Garth Brooks), the Georgia native is as grounded as ever, evinced by her answer-any-question demo at this year’s New York City Wine & Food Festival. “And it only has four ingredients, which is my specialty! “Don’t be afraid to live your life and figure out who you are first,” she says candidly. While first dating, she attempted to make Garth his favorite dessert: German chocolate cake. Growing up, her music hero was Linda Ronstadt; these days, it’s Clarkson.

“If you asked me to pick between cooking and music, I’d definitely pick music. He offered to “glue” it back together with the frosting. “It looked like a volcano cake but it tasted great! This year, as part of the 2013 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, the pair helped build, renovate and rebuild homes in California, Colorado, New York City and New Jersey. In adulthood, her love of all things tiny has transformed into a dishware obsession — in particular, small ramekins.

Some are from names you recognize; a few are from newcomers, but we believe the songs stand up alongside the classics.

Add them to your playlist for a perfect Valentine’s Day evening…or a date night anytime.

Though after his football days were done, Studdard continued to get larger instead of taking off the extra weight.

When Studdard made his debut on “American Idol”, he was already tipping the scales at nearly 450 pounds.

They were there for the unveiling of bronze statues of Garth and fellow music legends Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Elvis.

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