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Note that your You Tube channel won't appear in the social profile picker!When your video has been successfully published or scheduled, a pop-up will appear containing an embed code you can insert into a website, and the You Tube video URL, which can be shared to other social media profiles.request, but it just does not seem to be the best place to do it. part=content Details&for Username=Maroon5VEVO&key= Here is where we grab the: uploads Id: UUN1hn Ucc O4FD5Wf M7ith Xaw So we can query: GET https:// Items?Let me show you an example of what I am dealing with. part=snippet&playlist Id=UUN1hn Ucc O4FD5Wf M7ith Xaw&max Results=50&key= Items/list#try-it and then we can have a look at some videos. For me it is this one: "title": "Maroon 5 - This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like A ...British You Tuber Rowan Ellis was one of the first to address the concern in a video posted on Thursday, leading many other personalities to check into their own backlog, discovering that videos on a range of topics were removed.You Tube said that the mode was designed to filter out “mature” content, but the approach seemed to be scattershot in relation to LGBTQ users’ videos.Click Share via Hootsuite to insert the video URL into the the compose message box so you can share it to your other social networks as usual.A video cannot be uploaded to the same You Tube channel more than once. All published and scheduled videos will appear immediately in your My Videos stream.

More details here Make sure your channel is added as a social network before you begin.

In our list of 10 latest items we want the LATEST published videos , and not latest uploaded vids.

If you know a way how to approach it , please share.

You Tube is now catching up, but it may not be easy to find the settings and take the steps you need to do so. There are currently four possible status settings you can give your You Tube video when you upload it.

They are: Public – Visible to anyone Unlisted – Anyone with the link can watch it, but the video will not be visible to others viewing your channel, discoverable by Search, offered as a Suggested Video, or appear in Subscriber feeds Private – Visible to you, and to people given permission by you in an email sent through Google Plus system; just sending the video link in your own email will not work; the email will come from address [email protected]—make sure to avoid the email ending up in the junk folder!

Popular personality Tyler Oakley — who has more than 8 million subscribers — noted that a video titled “8 Black LGBTQ Trailblazers Who Inspire Me” was rendered invisible in the mode, despite no obviously adult content in the video.

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