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Culture being what it is, most of these groups are enough of a market to be self-sustaining indefinitely.

That said, most futurists will find some value or ideas for extrapolation on a group listed or invent your own, or pose some conflict to resolve worth writing about.

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Attrition, Parálisis Permanente and Los Monaguillosh (Spain), Die Form (France), and Psyche (Canada) played this music in the 1980s.

German dark wave groups of the 1980s were associated with the Neue Deutsche Welle, and included Asmodi Bizarr, II.

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Dark wave or darkwave is a musical term used for dark, usually gothic rock-influenced music that incorporates synthesizers, or elements of New wave and Synth-pop, although the term is also applied to post-punk bands that produce a dark atmosphere.

Most will be relevant for writing of scifi and general fiction for the next hundred years, perhaps, depending on technological changes.

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